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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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that breaking news is happening tonight in san francisco. a boat rescue on the bay involving at least 22 people. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. let's head out to abc7 news reporter thomas roman who is live with the latest at pier39. thomas? >> matthew rice's friends and family wanted to give him a special bachelor party. but they gave him a scare when their party boat hit a rock outside of alcatraz. these 18 men in life vests were having a great time at a bachelor party on the bay. the men, some of whom came from ireland decided all of them would have the beer tasting on a bay party boat. what they got was a scare when the boat started to sink. we spoke to the bachelor and
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his soon to be uncle. >> we were just hanging out, only on the boat pour like 20 minutes or so, and all of a sudden we were coming around alcatraz and it was like, boom, a big jolt. the next thing we knew, the coast guard boat came in and got us off. >> they were like, put on your life vests, go up to the bow. the captain was going toward pier30 nan, but they were going down and they were clearly taking on water. joy it was scary to hear the report. the hole is this big and he was chest deep. >> the party boat they were on is called the neptune. the boat has a crew of four. one of the crew told us exactly what happened. >> we were off course navigation error. we were on the inside of the buoe and we hit little alcatraz. two one foot by one foot holes
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in the back. >> the crew and the party goers were rescued by the fire department and the coast guard. we were told there were no injuries and no one really suffered any kind of trauma outside of a little scare. now, the coast guard is trying to get all of the water out of the neptune and trying to tow it back into san francisco. so they will be trying to tow it in sometime tonight. live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new fallout tonight from the occupy protests in oakland. and tonight it is the police that are in trouble. john alston is live to explain what is going on. >> the chief wants to discipline 44 officers. the city hired an outside group to help investigate more than 1100 complaints against police. one of the protesters who was injured by officers says it has taken too long, but it is a step in the right direction.
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almost a year after this violent confrontation between officers and occupy oakland protesters, police are assigning blame. chief howard jordan confirms it was one of his officers who fired a beanbag at protestor scott olson, seriously injuring the iraq war veteran. >> permanently -- >> personally i don't think him losing a job is nearly enough. i think he committed a crime and should be put in jail. >> no one is saying what will happen to the unidentified officer, but a just released independent investigation claims four four oakland officers broke the department rules in several occupy protests over the past year. they are minor like officers failing to turn on their video recorders up to excessive use of force. >> i think it might be the first step in the right direction for opd. >> without naming names, the chief is recommending termination for two officers. one demotion, 15 suspensions and counseling and training for three officers and --
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three officers and written rep pro maunds for 23 others. >> it was tough for howard jordan to do. it is tough to displane officers you are asking to go out in often violent situations. but he is a good cop and he is trying to be fair. >> but the head of the police union is furious, blaming city hall for botching the occupy protests and making officers the scapegoat. >> these officers never asked to be put on the front lines of occupy oaknd la multiple times. city leaders failed through their indecisiveness when it comes to occupy here. >> oakland is now coming up on the one-year deadline to investigate the complaints. the officers could be facing some hearings and arbitrations , and the union is promising to defend them vigorously. in oaknd la, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. right now in hole law sister, police are in a
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standoff with regards to a missing mother. she hasn't been seen since wednesday morning when she dropped her son off at school. her car was found burning on thursday morning. police went to a house to interview a person for information about carol. the interview erupted into a standoff. authorities are not telling us what the connection the person has to this missing woman. ?ai a couple whose crime spree started with a jail break started in hercules next week. a neighbor found her dead her home. they spotted her stolen car and they arrested darnell and tonya washington after a chase. now, this pair is accused of a crime spree that includes a jail break, the shooting of a los angeles county deputy, two carjackings. the chase near seattle and now these pending murder charges. a shocking charge against two law students. they are both 24 and they were arrested in las vegas for
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beheading an exotic bird. the two chased a 14-year-old bird into the trees at the flamingo hotel's wildlife habitat. they came out with the body and the severed head. the bird was a helmeted guinea fowl. they were charged with malicious killing of wildlife. san jose emergency response personnel found that the longer respops times due to the lack of police officers is putting people's lives in danger. this is a story you will see only on abc7. earlier this month, police responded to an officer involved shooting at a cal trans station. hours later they were called to an altercation at a check cashing business where someone was injured. no police units were available. paramedics were there, but they had to wait for police to arrive to secure the scene. in the meantime, the victim goes on. >> we train to save lives and to not sit there with idle
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hands. >> they state that crews may not enter a dangerous scene until police declare it secure. oakland and san francisco police warn about people who come to your door wearing orange safety vests or dressed as utility workers. it is a ploy to distract and rob you. it happened once in oakland and never open your door to someone you don't recognize and always ask for identification. >> always do that. the weekend has arrived and let's get a look at the forecast. >> spencer christian is here with a nice warming trend. >> we have skies -- clouds are parting and skies are clearing and we will have a major warming trend over the weekend, but the big deal comes next week when the highs sore up to 90 degrees in the inland low ition cays. we will give uh look at what the temperatures will be like where you are in my seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks. crews are prepping the space shuttle endeavor for one of the trikier maneuvers.
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>> the endeavor left early this morning and now they are ready to cross the 405 freeway close to its destination. >> it is fascinating to watch. eric michael son has the huge task ahead. alex, go ahead. >> alex michael son here and it is an incredible task. this last two-10ths is some of the most complicated miles. there is the space shuttle and it is a spectacular view that you can see. it is going to be driven by this truck right here. it is a toyota tundra that you can pick up at a dealership. it is going to be carrying 300,000 pounds across the freeway. the shuttle today, we have video earlier of how it was taken around. it was taken around by this mover who had 160 wheels and could move in lots of directions. it got very close to buildings
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and power poles, but it had a lot of maneuver built. the carrier is too heavy to go across the bridge. so they moved it on to this dolly so the tundra can take it across the freeway bridge. this is also a massive commercial for toyota. they actually haven't paid for the rights to do this. they have been a long sponsor of the california science center. they are getting this opportunity, and it is a pretty spectacular opportunity for them. this could happen in the next matter of moments. and then it will go back on to the carrier. tomorrow there will be more of a journey and they will find the event actual -- the eventual home at the science center. if you ever make it down to southern california check out the science center near usc and you can see the shuttle up close and personal. reporting live, channel 7 news. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, it is official. we will tell you when and where the next giants playoff
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game will be held. >> and it took more than 50 years, but now a 93-year-old south bay woman finally has her college degree. >> and on-line shopping upgraded. the hot new act that brings your purchases to you within the hour. and coming up on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" a sex scandal in a sleepy town with an exercise instructor, her alleged prostitution ring and the stir over a secret client list. and we have an exclusive intimate portrait of oprah winfrey including the gi
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the giants have home field advantage in the national league championship series. that's good news. that's because the cardinals pulled out the win tonight. they made a huge come back against the washington nationals. the first game against the cardinals will be in san francisco. it will be this sunday at 5:15. the giants will play two games at home and three on the road and if necessary two games back in san francisco. >> exciting. well this weekend a santa clara woman and three generations of her family will be celebrating her graduation
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from college. >> great story this is. at the age of 93 ole live chandler -- olive chandler finally earned her bachelor's degree from san jose state. >> but it is a degree that has actually been 72 years in the making. >> the balloons are up, the student is in his spot, and olive chandler is giddy. she will soon be celebrating her graduation. >> i want to wrap my brain around it. >> it is something her youngest daughter, donna, have been trying to help her mother accomplish after all of these years. >> i just had always felt it was something she wanted and something she earned. >> the bachelor's degree issued by san jose state was granted after her daughter contacted the university. she was hoping they might send a nice letter to her mother recognizing how close she came to graduating in 1959. instead, the school sent her a degree. >> you just got this three weeks ago then?
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>> about that. >> who is this? >> that's me. when i graduated from compton junior college in 1940. >> back in 1940 the plan was to continue her schooling and earn a teaching degree. but events kept delaying that plan. >> pearl harbor started? >> ya and i got married and left school after a year and a half at santa barbara state. >> she returned to school and continued taking classes even as she raised her five children. but she never collected a bachelor's degree until now. it is a pretty big deal for someone who always encouraged her children, especially her daughters to get an education. >> you educate a man. you educate an individual. you educate a woman. you educate a family. that's how i feel. >> abc7 news. >> congratulations. her degree is back dated to august of 1959.
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it is in home economics. it is a discipline that doesn't exist at san jose state anymore. >> when people are at the food services department did some digging they realize she earned enough credit so they granted the degree. >> well, the grammy award winner barry manilow is hitting the winning note for public schools. manilow donated a piano to launch a musical instrument drive for the schools. and if you donate a new or gently used instrument at the hp pavilion box office by december 6th you will get two tickets to manilow's concert on that night. it is part of the manilow music project. the man behind rich dad, poor dad has filed for bankruptcy. the company has filed for bankruptcy claiming it is weighed down by a $23 million lawsuit filed by learning annex. it is one of the early supporters and financial backers. we are getting ready for quite a warm up around here
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jie. which we deserve. >> it is going to be like a return to summer. now, we had much cloudier skies earlier. as you can see on live doppler 7hd, the skies have become clear in many locations. we have partly cloudy skies at the moment. and current temperature readings are dropping. it is in the 50sin most locations. in the north bay valleys where we said it would be cooler, it is down to 48 degrees in napa. and down to 48 degrees. now i hillary vies on the spot and call this partly cloudy tonight. partly sunny tomorrow and mild in the afternoon hours, and it will be much warmer next week with high temperatures soaring in some inland locations. satellite and radar composite shows the upper level low which brought us the unusual weather the last couple days. it has pushed well to our east right you no. we still have some low-level moisture pushing through the bay area in the way of clouds. a precipitation maker does move to our northwest. a weak cold front is likely to
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miss the bay area. but lets animate the maps. we will see the system pushing inland in the pacific northwest. we will see some clouds moving through overnight and in the morning. we are not likely to get some rainfall out of the system. what we will get is sunny skies and a warming trend beginning tomorrow. overnight tonight lows mainly in the low to mid50s. we will see some upper 40s as lows in santa rosa, napa and fairfield and now at half moon bay. the highs in the south bay, highs mainly in the low to mid70s. look for 72 in santa clara and 73 in san jose. 70 in san mateo and 72 in several locations. low to mid60s in pacifica. downtown san francisco will see a high of 66 tomorrow. 62 in the sunset district. north bay will see highs in the mid to low 70s. 74 in santa rosa. highs will range from 67 at berkeley and 69 in oakland and 71 in union city and the
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inland east bay will be in a narrow range of highs in the mid70s. 75 in concord, danville and pleasanton. livermore, brentwood and antioch and fairfield and monterey bay look for highs in the low 70s and watsonville in santa cruz. mid70s in gilroy and hollister. here is the seven-day forecast, a big warm upcoming our way. we will start with sunday and monday, low 80s inland. that's not much. but look at later next week. wednesday, thursday and friday , inland highs up to 90 degrees. mid80s around the bay and mid70s on the coast. great weather on thursday for the niners game at candlestick against the seahawks. it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. lori l from pacifica and melissa p and rase will -- and ralph f has entered. go to abc7 or go to abc7 news and click on the win $49,000
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button and it will take you to the on-line forum where you can find out winner on october 18th after the 49ers game and right here on abc7. six days away. somebody will be very lucky. >> they will indeed. retailers are finding new ways to get your holiday shopping dollars. >> how far and how fast they will go to get you to buy
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taking a live look at the endeavor right now. it is still just a few miles from l.a.x. near ingelwood. and the shuttle has been transferred to a dolly and there is the toyota tundra that is about to pull it over an overpass near the 405 freeway, and it will continue the rest of the 12-mile journey to the california science center. it should arrive by tomorrow night. >> you will see that image a lot. an unusual heist in philadelphia, someone stole what authorities are calling a large amount of newly designed $100 bills from a plane at the philadelphia international airport. the bills are not in circulation yet, so they will be easy to spot. they tee tour a bright blue
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security ribbon and a disappearing liberty bell. stores are getting an early start on holiday deals. best buy announced a new policy. if you see something on-line with a lower price, they will match it. both amazon and wal-mart are testing same-day delivery. wal-mart's service will be available in san francisco and san jose later this mo. and now ebay is going a step beyond. they are testing ebay now that promises delivery within the hour to wherever you are, even on a park bench. >> what if the distribution center is down the street? >> how do they know what bench i am on? i move around a lot. >> you do. >> stay ahead of them. >> they will never find me. ? sports, the giants are heading home. where they will host the defending world series champions in the nlcs. what a come back. that's next in
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dismie good evening. -- good evening. after beating the reds, they were ready to fly to washington, but amazingly they are coming home to host the cardinals on sunday in the national league championship series opener. to the nation's capital the reds are in game five. this game would appear to be over early. some predicted it was over. harper crushed off adam wayne right. and then a two-run shot 1k3* 6-0 nationals. wayne right gave up two homers in three innings. aggie pride makes it 6-5 and he is in agony. the top nine and bases loaded. off the top and we are tied at seven. the cardinals pour it on. two more score and 9-7. incredible. 4-run night for the cards. he pops out to end it. the cardinals with the biggest
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come back ever in a winner take all post season game. >> after all of the adversity we have gone through this year, and then to give up that many free passes, that's not the way you win ball gaisms. ballgames. had a great game and overcoming hardship. >> madison baumgardner will start on sunday night. the regular season and they played six times and split the series 3-3. the yankees' bench the slumping alex rodriguez and they live to talk about it thanks to granderson deep in the seventh for a 3-0 lead. sabathia and a complete four hitter. game one is tomorrow night. the nhl is still on a lockout, so no sharks for awhile. hockey fans were seeing the first game for the san francisco bulls.
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the bulls are a minor league affiliate. his thaim is raw hide and spencer christian was at the game. bulls in bakersfield. they are tied at one. he is all alone this front, and then on a breakaway and robbie d shoots and scores. the condors beat the bulls in the opener 4-3 at the palace. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> management has asked me to wear that mask. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. >> from all of us here, thank you for watching. have a great weekend. good morning! wow.
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